Turnkey operability

Hyperspectral imaging cameras and systems by inno-spec

With hyperspectral imaging, the spectral information is supplemented by a further spatial information. Measuring is thus not only carried out on one point, but the spectrum is measured on every point of the surface. inno-spec offers two possible versions in this context.

With pushbroom hyperspectral imaging systems, a line is recorded, the light is spectrally separated and measured. This results in a spectral line camera. This solution facilitates surface recording by means of scanning in a spatial dimension. In most cases, the medium to be measured passes through below the measuring system – for example on a conveyor belt or a chute.

With the staring setup, the camera records a two-dimensional image for which the various wavelengths are recorded consecutively.

The spectral imaging systems by inno-spec are ready for operation right after their installation: Spectrograph and camera are matched to your requirements by inno-spec and are completely online-capable. Wavelength range and resolution can be adjusted to the desired conditions as required – doing away with laborious new developments.

Depending on the application, various solutions come into consideration:

Spectral Imaging by inno-spec
Illustration based on graphics by "Process Analysis and Technology", Hochschule Reutlingen